Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update from Summer Creek Farm

Well the recent day or so of warm weather has us thinking of spring (as if we weren't already) Seeds are being planted, the greenhouses prepared and supplies ordered. We have been contacted by our restaurants and wholesale outlets to plan the year. We even have had a TV show contact us about filming at the farm this year! This last weekend we attended a sustainable farming conference in State College Pa. It was 7 degrees on the trip up! I spent the weekend learning new things and talking to new people.

I also am in the process of interviewing summer help. We have positions open, mostly for 3 days a week, starting in May. I am hoping for a good growing season with plenty of good food for all our customers. If you have not signed up for the CSA and are interested please look into doing it soon. I would hate for any of our older customers to miss out.

I hope the winter is treating you well. As we move towards spring more updates will follow.

Farmer Rick

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