Friday, May 6, 2011

West Frederick Farmers Market Opening

From Danny Rohrer:

Greetings from the farm. Tomorrow, May 7, will be the opening day of the West Frederick Farmer's Market. We will return to our familiar location behind the Potomac Physicians Building. Hours will remain 10 AM until 1 PM. If possible, please park in the Potomac Physicians lot. The owner of the Holiday Cinemas does not want any parking in their lot and has threatened to have cars towed if things get too bad. Please note that this threat comes from the property owner and not the people who operate the theatre, so there is no need to boycott the movies.

Most of your favorite vendors will be returning and we have added three new ones.

The market opening comes on Mother's Day weekend. Rather than fighting the crowds at a restaurant, why not prepare a gourmet meal at home using local foods? Early spring produce should include radishes, onions, salad and various greens, and asparagus. Market bakers will have breads and assorted pastries and desserts. There will be many types of flowers and plants for a centerpiece or gift. And for your dinner entree I will have a complete selection of the finest home raised meats anywhere.

Beef will include strip, ribeye, porterhouse, filet, sirloin, skirt, and flank steaks; sirloin tip, eye round, and chuck roasts; kabob cubes, stew cubes, ground round, and steak burgers. Pork will include baby back, country style, and spare ribs; boneless loin roasts, pork chops, boneless butts, bacon, and baked ham salad. I will also have 7 flavors of pork sausage. Lamb will include butterflied legs, boneless shoulders, kabob cubes, shanks, ground lamb, lamb sausage, racks, loin chops, arm chops, and sirloin chops. I will also have ham sandwiches and eggs.

Let's celebrate the start of the summer season by making the market opening a memorable one. I will be there, I hope you are too!

Rohrer's Meats


Tee Bee said...

Hello!! Boo hoo I'm sad there have been no posts since 2011 :( I just moved to Frederick a month ago and was dreaming about starting a group that would share ideas and food from their gardens, farms, and wild places in the area. I am very grateful to have found this blog with so many wonderful ideas and resources about the area and on this theme. Just wanted to let you know that I wish it were still active, but I'm happy to have the archives!

smoo said...

Yes sorry Tee Bee! That is what happens when you have kids- but the local food community in Frederick is healthy and thriving. Check out There are also still other frederick blogs on this topic- I am sure you can find your people!